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KEVIN BURGESS Perhaps the most influential jazz musician ever, Louis Armstrong was born to a mother who often turned to prostitution and was son to a father who abandoned him soon after he was born. Johnny Cash, the “Man in … Continued

Rhett Walker Band

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RHETT WALKER BAND  When you’re a touring artist, logistics are the name of the game. So, what do you do when you find yourself across the country with no shows, no time to bus back and no money to fly home? You … Continued

David Dunn

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In a world where conformity is often the path of least resistance, singer/songwriter David Dunn has always managed to stand out in a crowd. And considering he grew up with three brothers and two sisters in a city where working … Continued


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Carrollton’s second album, Sunlight and Shadows, set to release September 18, is a hopeful testimony about that life in which beautiful, mountaintop days of sunshine mix with days in the shadows. Band members Jordan Bailey (bass), Michael Loy (drums), Jeremy … Continued

John Tibbs

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In 2013, John released two EP’s and a single while sharing the stage with such artists as Gungor and Tenth Avenue North. John was also the featured artist on Audrey Assad’s fall tour. In May of 2014, John signed his … Continued